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Open Minds


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All Members , Moderated
This is a community that is against stereotyping. For those of us who aren't "goth" or a "metal head" but are our own person that could never be summed up into one silly title. You MUST fill out an application:

1) Name preferred to be referred to as:
2) Age:
3) Location:
4) 5 favorite bands:
5) Favorite color:
6) Favorite food:
7) Favorite past-time:
8) Post 2 pictures of yourself (not photo-shopping please):

Now comes the HARD part:
9) Why do you not fit into a stereo type?:
10) What makes you open-minded?:
11) Post 1 picture (not of you) that describes you best:
12) How does that picture describe you?:
13) Post 5 more pictures of your choice (photo-shopping allowed):

1) No closed-minded insults will be tolerated
2) Complete the application
3) No stealing ANYONE'S pictures from LJ...I mean SERIOUSLY people...need I explain?
4) The people of the community shall determine if you're in or not, do NOT post if they don't want you to
5) Must post 1 of our banners in your personal LJ User Info
6) Have fun! :)