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Home again.

I don’t know that I’ve completely figured out the point of this community, but it seems to me just to be a place to talk about everything, as long as it’s not close-minded. Hopefully I’m right, so I’m just going to talk for awhile.

A big thing that has always clouded my mind is religion. I have problems understanding the point of Christianity. In general, Christianity is very hypocritical. They preach to their followers “don’t kill” but then they kill in the name of their god. They are supposed to accept everyone, but they continually reject anyone that thinks differently than them. I can’t handle their attitudes. I can’t handle their beliefs. I’m not bias against only Christianity though. I just don’t understand why people can’t deal with their lives without having to rely on the fact that an afterlife or a higher power may or may not exist. It really bothers me sometimes.

I like Pink Floyd. I never really did before this summer, but I really do now. I wish I knew more of their music. I’ll just have to keep educating myself.

I don’t think this community is dying, I just don’t think it every really started. I’ll do what I can to promote it in the near future. Don’t give up hope yet. We just need to make some decent posts for people to actually be inspired to join over. *shrugs*

I picked out my prom dress. It’s sort of ‘goth’ I guess, but I can’t wear normal formals. They bore me. None of my friends seem to think I can pull off a black dress. I’ve done it before, so I’ll try again. My blonde hair contrasts sometimes a bit too well. Maybe I’ll post a picture or two sometime.

The one in black is a good friend of mine, emynii. The picture, along with two others, were posted in her journal today. They were taken for her art class. I thought it was impressive.
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